Earth Center


Earth Center is a multidisciplinary research group that belongs to the Institute of Nature Sciences, Territory and Renewable Energies (INTE) and is attached to the Department of Architecture and Urbanism.

It is geared towards the investigation of earthen architecture in its cultural, technological and social aspects.

It is a member of the UNESCO Chair: Earthen Architecture, Constructive Cultures and Sustainable Development that promotes the use of earth and local resources for local habitat and heritage, by coordinating higher education, research and dissemination of information.


We are a disciplinary team devoted to research, development, analysis and dissemination of appropriate earthen-building technologies to contribute to improving the quality of life of communities located in rural environments and within urban heritage areas.


To be leaders in the development of appropriate and innovative technical solutions in the area of earthen construction and be recognized both nationally and internationally as a reference that provides and develops comfortable and safe proposals. To be champions of the vernacular value of earthen mestizo buildings and earthen heritage buildings as well as of accessible materials



  • Promote the durability of construction with earth
  • Develop scientific and technological studies and research in a multidisciplinary way regarding construction with earth
  • Preserve the cultural value of earthen architecture in Peru
  • Contribute to the training of professionals and technicians in construction with earth


  • Contribute to the mitigation of seismic disaster risk in earthen buildings
  • Participate in the development of technical standards
  • Participate in devising zoning and regulation of historical heritage centers
  • Contribute to the protection and conservation of historical centers and quarries
  • Contribute to the improvement of rural habitat conditions in connection to earth
  • Propose solutions to address climate change in rural housing
  • Contribute to the defense of vernacular heritage and cultural landscapes

Lines of research:


  • Cultural earthen archaeological and architectural heritage: regulations on heritage zones
  • Principles of heritage building conservation in seismic areas
  • Projects for the conservation of heritage buildings
  • Cultural landscape
  • Vernacular architecture


  • Rural housing
  • Techniques of earthquake-resistant reinforcement for constructions in adobe, mud walls (tapial) and mud-covered reed (quincha)
  • Regulations


  • Contemporary earthen design
  • Contemporary construction techniques with earth
  • Design solutions to tackle climate change


  • Study of materials and techniques for the improvement and optimization of construction.
  • Contemporary earthen construction technologies
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