Energy and environmental analysis services


Created in 1993, it works in the energy and environment areas to provide sustainability to activities that various national and foreign institutions develop in the country. In this regard, it does consultancy, research, technological development, training of cadres, and it also carries out social responsibility activities.

The services are structured within the framework of the link between universities and companies, either by contracting consulting and specific projects or through actions that facilitate dialogue among companies, associations and government institutions, whether local, regional or national. In addition, public institutions are advised in the definition of their policies and programs from the perspective of sustainable development.

This division currently chairs INDECOPI’s National Technical Committee for Standardization on the Rational and Efficient Use of Energy.

Lines of action:

  • Efficient and rational use of energy
  • Environmental consulting
  • Research
  • Social responsibility
  • Studies on Antarctic issues (Peruvian Representation to the Antarctic Treaty’s Environmental Protection Committee)
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