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Water balance in the Central Andes: present and future scenarios of water supply and demand and possible climate change adaptation strategies

The natural water system in the Central Andes suffers from glacial retreat and other climate change impacts. First evidences are found on an actual and future decrease in water availability and increment of river flow…

Ecosystem function analysis in Andean and Amazonian forests to understand the carbon dynamics and its response to climate change (RAINFOR/TRAIT)

It is critical to understand carbon balance in the tropical forests, even more to determine its potential role in accelerating or slowing down climate change throughout the twenty-first century. In particular, it is important to…

Bioindicators for shelf-life prediction of green asparagus

Fresh cut asparagus is a very perishable product. From the moment you cut the asparagus stem base in the field, numerous physiological and biochemical processes are starting up until the progressive deterioration of the quality…

Carbon cycle dynamics in the South-East Amazonian forest

The generation of global future climate predictive models requires a detailed knowledge on biochemical processes involved in the planetary cycle of carbon. Tropical forests are dynamic carbon cesspools extremely sensitive to climate variables.  Changes in…

Productividad, distribución y ciclo de carbono en un gradiente andino-amazónico

Es un esfuerzo internacional para medir y comprender las funciones y características de los ecosistemas tropicales en el sur del Perú y cómo podrían responder estos ecosistemas al cambio climático. Estos estudios forman parte del…

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