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Center and Group Coordinators

Center for Research in Applied Geography (CIGA) Environment and Society  (GEAS)
bernex-weiss-de-falen-nicole-edel-laure-marie-00003146 Academic Director: Nicole Bernex Gerardo_damonte Director: Gerardo Damonte

cordova-aguilar-hildegardo-00003829 Executive Director: Hildegardo Cordova teresa_ore Co-Director: Teresa Oré

Center for Research, Training and Legal Advice Biogeosciences  
urteaga-crovetto-patricia-19822430 Director: Patricia Urteaga Martin_Timana Coordinator: Martín Timaná

Rural Sector Support Group Ethics, Environment and Society
hadzich-marin-miguel-angel-00003319 Coordinator: Miguel Hadzich castro-carpio-augusto-jose-antonio-lazaro-00008180 Coordinator: Augusto Castro

Peruvian Life-cycle Network Forests and Reforestation
quispe-trinidad-mar-a-isabel-00004290 Coordinator: María Isabel Quispe sabogal-dunin-borkowski-de-alegria-ana-bozena-02000057 Coordinator: Ana Sabogal

Coal Biomass Interculturality and Environment
assureira-espinoza-estela-de-la-gracia-00003281 Coordinator: Estela Assureira rodr-guez-gonz-lez-yolanda-luisa-clorinda-19762331 Coordinator: Yolanda Rodriguez

Environmental Law Earth Center
pierre_foy Coordinator: Pierre Foy rodr-guez-larra-n-degrange-sof-a-02003247 Coordinator: Sofia Rodriguez Larrain

Bitrate and Green Growth Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management
Alan-Fairlie-Foto-web-220x288 Coordinator: Alan Fairlie _mostrar-imagen Coordinator: John Earls

Energy and Environmental Analysis Service Innovation for Sustainable Development
jimenez-ugarte-fernando-octavio-00004453 Coordinator: Fernando Jiménez tostes-vieira-marta-lucia-000098TV Coordinator: Marta Tostes

Anampiki Munay
fiorella_belli Coordinator: Fiorella Belli  hernan_tello Coordinator: Hernán Tello

Triciclo’s “Communication and Development”   Ages of Life and Education (EVE)
lucia_lopez_1 Representative: Lucía López  patricia_ames  Coordinator: Patricia Ames
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