Interdisciplinary work group made up by young professionals and students, who research, experiment, develop, evaluate and share solutions to the needs faced by vulnerable populations of our country, mainly from the Amazon. We believe in interdisciplinary approach, as well as in qualitative research


  • Recognize and re-value different kinds of local knowledge and resources.
  • Create a horizontal language between different kinds of academic and local knowledge.
  • Foster interdisciplinary work for a better understanding of problems and to propose integral solutions.
  • Develop ad-hoc solutions for each population and problem we will address.
  • Contribute to the construction of an intercultural society.
  • Promote the sustainable development of vulnerable communities in our country by empowering their actors.
  • Involve the university community with the reality of vulnerable populations in Peru and with the work methodology we use.

Lines of action:

Our team is made up of different disciplines, which allows us to tackle social, art and design, as well as applied technologies and sciences issues. We are more experienced in the following lines of action:

  • Intercultural education,
  • Revaluation of local resources and knowledge,
  • Technological and social solutions to productive needs
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