Bio-trade and green growth


The research group was created in mid-2012, based on the lessons at the Master’s Degree in BioTrade and Sustainable Development and at the School of Social Sciences. This was a joint effort connected to common interests in BioTrade issues.

The group promotes a Seminar on Social Science Issues. On the other hand, it promotes knowledge and contributions on BioTrade and biodiversity.



  • Identify key players in green growth in Peru from various like-minded institutions, both public and private.
  • Promote debate among actors through working sessions and groups
  • Promote research on issues related to BioTrade and green economy not only among the student community but also among professors. Also, support activities related to such research and/or topics.


  • Monitor and participate in outreach activities
  • Guide students interested in topics related to green economy and BioTrade
  • Represent the university in conferences and seminars
  • Promote and encourage workshops related to green economy

Topical lines:

  • Trade
  • Climate change
  • BioTrade and green growth
  • Carbon footprint in Peruvian exports
  • Intellectual property
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