Ethics, environment and society


The Ethics, Environment and Society group is made up of professionals concerned with environmental and social issues and their ethical impact in our society.

A few years ago this group of professionals – seniors and juniors – did field research to measure the situation of poverty, extreme poverty, natural resources and social and environmental conflicts. The first studies have been around the situation of communities impacted by extractive companies, be they mining or gas. Hence the importance of these companies assuming strategic plans of corporate social responsibility.

The group is multidisciplinary because it includes sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, economists, industrial engineers, philosophers and communicators who concur in the search for an interdisciplinary diagnosis to confront the conflicts that exist in the country.

The group has worked on diagnostics, monitoring, baselines and development proposals in Cajamarca communities as well as communities and towns in Moquegua. It also works in communities and towns on the Coast, Highlands and Amazon Forest of Peru following the course of the TgP gas pipeline -Camisea gas-. The group has done research on the role that renewable energies can play in rural communities of Cusco and Huancavelica in alliance with the Rural Sector Support Group. The ethical question has become a fundamental element in all of the group’s research works.

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