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Innovation for Sustainable Development (Innovación para el Desarrollo Sostenible IDI – SOS)

This team aims at promoting and strategically managing research projects related to sustainable development and innovation, from a participatory scope, including social, cultural and political equity, and economic effectiveness perspectives, as well as the rational use of natural resources, ecological sustainability, orderly territorial development and appropriate technologies.

Coordinator: Dra. Marta Tostes Vieira


We are renowned researchers in generating scientific evidence aimed at creating innovative sustainable development models. We have experience in studies that integrate economic, social, environmental and technological factors, the purpose of which has been to generate socially fair and ecologically balanced development processes. We defend inter- and intra- generational equity, which requires directing investment and scientific and technological progress towards meeting the needs of different human groups in the present, without compromising the possibility of future generations to meet theirs.

Research lines

Ecological management for sustainable development

  • Strategic organization management for systemic innovation with a sustainable development perspective
  • Agricultural innovation for sustainable development in regional productive chains
  • Renewable energies for productivity and quality-of-life improvement in urban and rural areas
  • Systematization of training, technology transfer and training processes for sustainable productive innovation
  • Technological innovation for developing productive sectors
  • Make proposals for agricultural innovation programs for sustainable development based on public policies, evidence and experiences
  • Social innovation for human development
  • Biodiversity management for innovation
  • Economic valuation of environmental services
  • Strategic environmental assessments
  • Socio-environmental baselines
  • Analysis of socio-environmental risks and impacts
  • Technological needs for management, processes and services



Marta Tostes Vieira

Ph.D. in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Seville (Spain).
  • mtostes@pucp.edu.pe
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Urphy Vásquez Baca

Master in Innovation and Technology Management and Policy from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP).
  • urphy.vasquez@pucp.edu.pe
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Ana Sabogal Dunin-Borkowski

Dr. rer. nat. in Natural Sciences from the Technical University of Berlin (Germany).
  • absabogal@pucp.edu.pe
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Hugo Wiener Fresco

Diego Espinoza Winder

Juan Reyes Soto