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The Research and Institutional Relations area works with researchers related to the PUCP socio-environmental area and members of its Assembly towards formulating, executing and managing national and international research projects, which lead to consulting services offered, specifically and as required, to different institutions.

INTE-PUCP reinforces alliances with national and international institutions. To date, more than 30 alliances have been made and more than 40 research projects have been carried out that have involved public entities such as the National Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (CONCYTEC), National Agrarian Innovation Program (PNIA), Technological Institute for Production (ITP), international organizations such as the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), USAID, Danish Cooperation (DANIDA), international universities such as Colorado State University and Penn State University in the United States, Universities of Oxford, Edinburgh and Leeds in the United Kingdom, civil society organizations such as the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), among others.