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Río+20: desafíos y perspectivas (Rio + 20: challenges and prospects)

Bernex, N. , Castro, A., León-Velarde, F., Bochio, G., Arnillas, F., López, J., Távara, J., Silva, J., Escalante, S., Gamio, P., Chiock, F., Soto, F., Alencastre, A., Guzmán, Y., Quispe, I., Chávez, D., Sabogal, A., Roca, F., Pinasco, K., Flores, J.
Lima: Fondo Editorial, 2015

It gathers the contributions of the “Rio + 20 Forum: Challenges and Perspectives”, organized by INTE-PUCP and the Economics and Environmental Management School of Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University, in 2012, at the Conference of United Nations on Sustainable Development Rio + 20. It has five sections. The first section groups three articles that open the discussion on challenges that climate change poses to the country. The second section brings together six papers that address the relationship between sustainable development, economy and poverty. This section includes an analysis of the declaration of the Constitutional Court, issued on April 17, 2012, regarding private investment. The third section compiles three papers related to energy and water security in Peru. The fourth section groups together the works related to knowledge and technologies for climate management, understanding knowledge and technology from an inclusive perspective that recognizes the contributions of different cultural matrices. Finally, the fifth section is dedicated to forests and ecosystem services.

ISBN: 978-612-317-126-1

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