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Testimonios sobre el derecho ambiental: egresados PUCP. Centenario de la Facultad de Derecho de la PUCP 1919 – 2019 (Testimonies on environmental law: PUCP graduates. Centenary of the PUCP Law School 1919-2019)

Foy Valencia, Pierre (coordinator)
Lima: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Institute for Nature, Earth and Energy (INTE-PUCP): Grupo Editorial Lex & Iuris SAC, 2020

It compiles the testimonies of 30 legal professionals, from several PUCP classes, with multiple experiences and approaches to environmental law, expansive legal discipline and an interdisciplinary vocation. Their experiences are linked to research, teaching, national and international public and private management and integration, in politics, in judicial and administrative activity or on the international scene. This initiative was carried out within the framework of the PUCP Law School centennial celebrations.

ISBN: 978-612-4334-26-9