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Environment, society and mining

About the project

This is a “start-up” type project that aims to chemically and mineralogically characterize mine tailings. This characterization is oriented to identify elements and chemical substances that correspond to the so-called Rare Earths (17 chemical elements of rare occurrence in the earth’s crust). Once this characterization is established, the technological possibilities of extracting those substances from the mineral source that contains them will be evaluated theoretically. Therefore, this stage of the project will be used to later approach more extensive aspects of a metallurgical research for the recovery of rare earths.


To analyze the chemical and mineralogical characterization of two mineral samples of mine tailings from metallic ore deposits in Peru, which will be the base to decide on how to process those tailings for the extraction of rare earths.

Specific Aims:

  •  To identify two mineral deposits in Peru that are known to contain rare earth elements.
  •  To make the administrative management to request and obtain mineral samples from the selected deposits.
  •  Proceed or direct the extraction of mineral samples in the same selected deposits.


Institutions involved